Analysis of Results of Implementation of Rapid Application Development (RAD) in the Development of Information Systems Management Room and Practicum Tools at Caltex Riau Polytechnic Production Machinery Laboratory


  • Ardian Pranata Barus


Politeknik Caltex Riau is an institution engaged in education that prioritizes information and technology, this is evidenced by the means that can support the entire educational process. One of them is borrowing the room and practicum tools in the production machinery laboratory (workshop) at Caltex Riau Polytechnic, where students can carry out activities such as Final Project Work, equipment lending and other activities. The process of borrowing workshops at the Politeknik Caltex Riau is a fairly lengthy procedure, due to the busy schedule of policy makers who are sometimes not in place. For this reason, a workshop management information system was built at Caltex Riau Polytechnic which can be accessed in real time according to the needs of access by users everywhere. However, because the needs are quite urgent, we need a method that can help this development with a short time. To support the development time, the RAD (Rapid Application Development) method can provide a solution to the problem, RAD is a method of developing information systems with a relatively short time that can be completed in only 30-90 days. Referring to these needs and with the support of a number of studies that show that the RAD method is suitable in this settlement, so that in this study it is proven that in producing a workshop management information system with RAD is an appropriate and appropriate choice. This is proven based on the results of the User Acceptance Test (UAT) applied by 28 test items, the development can be completed within 67 days, so that the achievements are as expected