Design and Build Clinical Information Systems at Ari Dental Care Clinic


  • Muhammad Robiq Muhazir Politeknik Caltex Riau


Ari Dental Care (ADC) Clinic is one of the dental clinics in Pekanbaru and is a dental clinic that is active in socializing with the community. Patient data management and registration at the ADC clinic are still done manually, so that they are not well coordinated. To overcome this problem, an information system was designed for the ADC clinic. This information system will display information about dental health, clinical activities, a question and answer forum with doctors, doctor's schedule, and medical records, so that it can assist the ADC clinic in managing patient data. The information system is built using the PHP programming language, MySQL as a database, and applies the increment method in its creation. The increment method is used because it is suitable for small to medium scale software with a limited system development team. The results of the Clinical Information System research at Ari Dental Care Clinic used Usability Testing with an average percentage of 82%. Therefore, the Clinical Information System at Ari Dental Care produces a user-friendly system. Keywords: Ari Dental Care Clinik, System Informastion, Increment, Usability.