Application of Accounting Information Systems in Event Organizer Companies using Web-Based Prototyping Method (Case Study: CV.Chitra Pesta)


  • Devit Ramadhan Politeknik Caltex Riau


CV.Chitra Pesta is a company engaged in Event Organizer and Wedding Organizer services such as weddings, birthday parties, product launches, thanksgiving events and others. All the recording of financial transactions is still done manually so that for making financial reports takes a long time. In addition to financial statement problems, the recording of inventory data and recording of employee recitation has not been recorded properly and is not regular. Based on the existing problems, the accounting information system is built aimed at helping companies to process financial statements until recording inventory data and recording employee recitation so that it can help companies in the future to optimize business processes. The system to be built is Web-based with the PHP programming language, the system development method used prototyping so that in the future it can be developed and MySQL as a database. And the system will be tested using the blackbox method and testing the User Acceptance Test (UAT) which is done objectively to the user whether it is in accordance with the wishes.