Sistem Informasi Hafalan Al-Quran Pada Rumah Tahfidz Ibnu Bin Afan Dengan Menggunakan Metode Prototyping


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Rumah Tahfidz Ibnu Bin Afan which is use as a place for research is a place of informal learning specifically to memorize and improve memorization of the Al-quran which is characterized by students who do not stay. In its implementation the data is not structured and prone to missing. And parents also do not know about the development of memorization of their children. Based on the above problems, in solving these problems, the authors designed the Al-Quran Memorization Information System at the House of Ibn Bin Afan Tahfidz by using the prototyping method. The prototyping method is the rapid development and testing of a working model (prototype) of a new application through a process of interaction and repetitive commonly used information systems experts and business experts. The stages used in the prototyping method are listening to customers, building prototypes and finally testing prototypes. This system can be expected to mapping the ability of students, monitor memorization of the Qur'an and parents can see the value and can seeing news Keywords: house tahfidz. prototyping, black box testing, usability testing, information systems.