Implementasi Database Mirror dan Failover SQL Server pada Windows Hyper-V


  • Elsa Kartini Putri Sembiring Politeknik Caltex Riau


The use of databases helps build data to be more organized and computerized, so the data can be accessed. Users also want a service that has a high level of availability so that it can be used continuously without feeling down in the event of a server failure. However, when accessing the database there can be several obstacles, such as the situation when the user is unable to access information because the primary database access service is turned off so that information cannot be given. For that reason, database mirror is one form of solution for primary databases that cannot be accessed. The mirror runs in conjunction with the use of failover, i.e. if a server failure occurs, then another server will take over the function. From the test obtained, the mirror process runs well on two nodes with the contents of each database the same, and the failover process is able to connect other servers to take over the function as the main database when the main database is down, with data accuracy of 100%.