Sistem Informasi Rancang Bangun Sistem Informasi Klinik Anwar Salim Berbasis Website Menggunakan User Centered Design (UCD)


  • Rido Weda Politeknik Caltex Riau


User convenience (user experience) is one of the factors that influence the existence of a system. A system that has a user friendly interface that is easily understood by users from various circles is needed. To accomplish this, a system that uses the User Centered Design (UCD) method is needed. This User Centered Design method is a design philosophy that places the user at the center of the system development process. In this study using techniques persona, User Interface (UI), and Wireframing. Wireframing is used as the basis for the Anwar Salim Clinic website display. This research was conducted with the User Experience Questionnaire (UEQ) tool. Until the results of research from 20 respondents showed that the website has a high UEQ scales value. The website that was built by applying the UCD method succeeded in getting a good user experience questionnaire (UEQ). Based on the UEQ Test, there was an increase in the level of user satisfaction in using the website with values ​​obtained from attractiveness of 1,447, perspicuity of 1,420, efficiency of 1,568, dependability of 1,580, stimulation of 1,443, and novelty of 1,227 where websites got an average value for all six the UEQ aspect is worth 1.23. From this value it can be seen that the Anwar Salim Clinic website shows that the website already has a good user experience value and is in accordance with user needs.