Aplikasi Pemetaan Kos Di Pekanbaru Berbasis Android


  • Santi Novita Sari PCR


Rent-house is one of place to prepare inn service. Rent-house has become need for new comer or people that their house is so far from daily routine such as univercity student, employee and married people. Yet, many people get diffucult to find out rent-house based on their willing. Many things to be problem from facility, price, and location, they should be considered. So that to find appopriate location wastes many times. From the above reasons, it is built rent-house mapping application in Pekanbaru based on android system this aplication gives information about location price,addres, and facility of the rent-house especiality in Pekanbaru. This application is used by functional test and usability this  application is expected  to help new comers to get locarion of rent-house and the owners of rent-house in promoting theirs. The result of this study are application that can help bearders to search for bearding in the new week. There are two tests namely functional and usability testing which test qespondents. The result obtained that all test have been fulfilled and the application is in line with expectations.  Keywords: Application, Functional, Usability, Mapping