Design an Android-Based Academic Information System (Case Study: Handayani High School, Pekanbaru)


  • Ehmed Ehmed Efendi Politeknik Caltex Rriau


Handayani Pekanbaru High School is one of the private schools that has been established since 1981. The service process at Handayani High School has generally been computerized through a website system, which is an academic information system used to view attendance, see grades and absenteeism, a system that is still This website-based has a less than optimal display if accessed using a browser via a mobile device, because this web-based system is designed for large screens such as computers or laptops. To deal with this problem so that the system can be optimized if it is opened via a mobile device, then another alternative media is needed to access the academic information system. This alternative media is an android-based system by applying the incremental method in developing an android-based academic information system, where the android-based system is easy to carry everywhere because it is installed on a mobile device. Based on the results of the questionnaire that was distributed, 87% of users agreed with the construction of an Android-based information system at Pekanbaru's Handayani High School.   Keywords: Academic Information Systems, Incremental, Android, php, java, Json.