Sistem Pakar untuk Mendiagnosa Gizi Buruk Pada Balita Menggunakan Metode Certainty Factor Berbasis Android


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Nutrition is a very important thing and very needed because it’s useful for the toddler growth and development. When toddler having nutritional deficiencies then it just not creating a physical growth disturbance, but also affecting the intelligence and productivity in adulthood. One of the many impact from malnutrition is severe malnutrition is a very thin body condition. Social condition, economic, family culture, parenting, family buying power, and also parent knowledge. Therefore an expert system that can be used by parents to diagnosed malnutrition in toddlers was made. Diagnose was obtained from 31 symptoms inputted by parents. List and certainty value in every symptom is obtained directly from the expert, which is a nutrition specialist doctor in Pekanbaru. Based on the symptoms inputted by parents, system will calculate level of certainty malnutrition types of disease experienced by toddler. Malnutrition disease that handled by system, there are : marasmus, kwashiorkor, and marasmik-kwashiorkor. Other than that, system also displaying food substances recommendation that must be fulfilled for toddler in accordance with the malnutrition types of diseases that experienced by toddler. The system has been tested with confusion matrix to see diagnosis results accuracy. System accuracy value that obtained is 89%. Other than that, also done the usability testing and this expert system application is obtaining 84% parents very agree that this system helped parents to diagnose malnutrition disease in toddlers Keywords: Malnutrition, Toddler nutrition, Expert System, Certainty Factor, Marasmus, Kwashiorkor, marasmik-kwashiorkor.