Analisa Perbandingan Clustered File System Menggunakan OrangeFS dan Lustre


  • Erin Fatmasari Politeknik Caltex Riau


The presence of technology offers many convenience for daily life of obtaining an information. These developments must be supported by storage media that has enormous capacity, therefore the longer technology is going to increase exponentially and also must have enormous of storage media. Based on this case then, will be built a storage for data centre by combining storage of some computers and utilizing clustered file system technology by using OrangeFS and Lustre application. This application is open-source application that can be used to merge the partition from some computers. The clients will upload and download data to test feasibility of data centre that being built. Furtheremore, the clients also can see the percentage of memory usage and CPU of data centre. And can see the throughput that happens when data centre is accessed by using wireshark application. By testing and analyzing the results obtained in the process of uploading data, the average value of OrangeFS is 1,718 MB/s and then Lustre is 1,518 MB/s. For the process of downloading data, the average value of OrangeFS is 1,582 MB/s and Lustre is 1,586 MB/s. On the average upload throughput value obtained the average value of OrangeFS is 13.71 Mbps, and the average value of Luster is 12.84 Mbps. And for the average download throughput value obtained the average value of  OrangeFS is 12,69 Mbps and the average of Lustre is 12,61 Mbps. OrangeFS and Lustre both have an equally high and equally successful rate of data tansfer is 100%.