Aplikasi Pembelajaran Bahasa Korea Berbasis Android Menggunakan Speech Recognition


  • Muhammad Fadhil Abdurrahman


Korean has become a subject of specialization in high school or Madrasah Aliyah. Competency standards and basic competencies that are applied in schools are reading, writing, listening and speaking. Due to the limited number of meetings each week at school, students must attend additional lessons such as courses, but learning through the course has some shortcomings namely having meeting limits, meetings must be conducted face-to-face, and also students must travel the distance to go to the course. Another alternative for learning Korean is to use mobile learning. By utilizing speech recognition technology, an Android-based Korean learning media application will be designed using speech recognition. Storage for the contents of this design uses the MySQL database to accommodate the material and vocabulary provided and has a forum that is useful for discussion among users. Based on the Black Box test results the application runs as it should and produces the expected output. Keyword: Korean Language, Hangeul, Speech Recognition.