Aplikasi Analisis Data Kualitatif Menggunakan Algoritma Rough Set


  • Muhammad Wahyudi Dadang Syarif Sihabudin Syahid


Data analysis is a process carried out to produce a data modeling with a view to finding useful information so that it can provide clues to a study in making decisions on existing data. One algorithm that is used in the process of data analysis is the rough set algorithm used for qualitative data types. The rough set algorithm is widely used because this algorithm is easy to understand and can find a minimum set of data and can evaluate the significance of the data. To process large amounts of data in data analysis using this rough set algorithm, we need a tool that can simplify and speed up the calculation process. In this study an application was developed as a tool that can help the process. The application is built based on a GUI that can run on Windows, Linux and MacOS platforms. With this application the analysis process can be accelerated with the ability to process a small time and direct implementation of the rules that are owned. The number of objects in the decision system that can be processed is also greater than the application of its predecessor Rosetta. In the algorithm, the rules generated by this application meet the rough set principle, from the results of the comparison test of accuracy with the rules produced by Rosetta. With an average questionnaire score of 85.33%, proving that the application built provides ease and high use value.