Implementasi Metode Certainty Factor pada Sistem Pakar Kecenderungan Gangguan Bipolar


  • kevin suganda Politeknik Caltex Riau


Bipolar disorder can be interpreted as a condition of someone who experiences repeated mood swings. The problem is often found that many lay people who claim to be bipolar, when in fact that bipolar is a psychiatric disease that must go through various stages before it is known whether someone has bipolar disease. Based on these problems, a website-based system was formed by using an expert system to determine the tendency for bipolar disorder. In the development of this system the Certainty factor methodology is used and implemented using PHP and MySQL. With this Certainty Factor Method and it is found that the results of Blackbox Testing that have been carried out obtained a percentage of 100%   Keywords: Bipolar, PHP, MySQL, Certainty Factor, Blackbox Testing