Design and Implementation of Accounting Information System at Damai Bangunan


  • Nurul Khamisah Politeknik Caltex Riau


Damai bangunan’s store had problems in managing properly of goods inventory. So there is often a goods has empty inventory for several months. Recording expenses and cash receipts are also not recorded periodically. The Damai Bangunan owner does not know in detail the amount of income and expenses at the Damai Bangunan. Based on these problems, this study designed an accounting information system that included recording the amount of goods inventory to support the Damai Bangunan business operations. Financial recording in this study uses the perpetual recording method. Testing the results of this research analysis using the Black Box Testing method. Testing of system implementation is that the system is based on the needs of the Damai Bangunan store. Making financial reports is also faster using the system than making manual financial reports. Time measure that states making financial reports from the system is only a fraction of a second. Making report manually, requiring more time to match each data.