Jejaring Sosial Wisata Kuliner dengan NoSql

Jejaring Sosial Wisata Kuliner dengan NoSql


  • christophel m sinaga student


Tourist attractions have been developed in various places with each uniqueness, one of the most sought after tourism places is a culinary tourism place. Because of the many culinary scattered in various regions, it takes technology that can facilitate the user in search of culinary tourism and can connect with other users, in this case we can use social networks. In a social network it takes a database that can hold large data, NoSQL (Not Only SQL) is a database that has no schema, and can develop horizontally. The use of NoSQL allows the system to search for faster data processes on large-scale data, one of which is like on a social network. This research uses ASP. The Net to build dynamic Web applications, and JMeter is used to test the performance of the created applications that can measure the volume or quantity. From the test results obtained that the website can accommodate well against many users who access the Web with 49.5 ms for sample time, response time interval of 16 ms, and time to connect 7.2 ms. Keywords : Social Networking, Not Only SQL, Culinary Tour, ASP. Net, JMeter.