MAN 1 Rokan Hilir, Data Akademik Analisis Strategi Untuk Meningkatkan Kualitas MAN 1 Rokan Hilir Dengan Business Intelligence


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MAN 1 Rokan Hilir is an institution engaged in education located in Rokan Hilir Regency. Based on the results of questions and answers academic data in this school is still stored properly, academic data is still stored using the recording format in accordance with the type of data. However, the school experienced difficulties in knowing the academic development of students, so the school could not ascertain whether the operational funds incurred, available teaching staff and teaching and learning facilities available were able to provide a solution that was quite fitting to improve student achievement. Therefore a system was built that could assist the school in analyzing the progress of student achievement based on the allocation of funds, teaching staff and facilities provided by the school. This system was built by implementing business intelligence into the system with visualization in the form of column-charts, charts. designed using PHP and MySQL programming languages as its DBMS. This system is tested by using tenting black box testing, user acceptance test (UAT) and efficinecy so that it can find improvements desired by the user. Based on the user acceptance test (UAT) test that has been done shows that 88% of the system that has been built is acceptable to the user and can help the school in making decisions.