Analisis Perbandingan Performansi IPv6 Dengan Metode 6to4 Dan Nat64



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The use of IPv4 addresses has entered its limit so it needs to be changed to IPv6 addresses. IPv4 to IPv6 transition mechanism consists of 3 types, dual stack, encapsulation, and translation. final project, the transition to 6to4 Tunneling and NAT64 Translation will be used. Both methods are not yet known which method is more optimal. Test on FTP service (File Transfer Protocol). Comparison is done by analyzing the performance of QoS (Quality of Service) 6to4 and NAT64 using the Wireshark. NAT64 has an average QoS Throughput value on the FTP server to download 3.983 Mbps, Upload 1.827 Mbps criteria is very good,  6to4 has an average QoS Throughput value for Upload 42.453 Mbps, download 44.272 Mbps criteria is very good. NAT64 has an average value of QoS delay for downloading 0.0167 ms, Upload 0.0118 ms criteria is very good, 6to4 has an average QoS delay value for downloads 0.0049 ms, Upload 0.0016 ms criteria is very very nice. 6to4 has an average QoS Packet loss value for 0 ms download, 0 ms upload, NAT64  Packet loss for 0 ms download, 0 ms download criteria is very good. Keywords : IPv6, NAT64, 6to4, Performance Comparison, QoS (Quality of Service), FTP (File Transfer Protocol).