Population Administration Service System of Sungai Pakning Village, Bukit Batu District, Bengkalis Regency


  • Elly Sintha PCR


Sungai Pakning Urban Village is one of the Urban Village in Bengkalis Regency that provides administrative services to residents in the form of making domiciled letter, land letter, death letter, same person letter and letter of inheritance. Services in the urban village are still done manually that is the community must bring the necessary files to Urban Village. This can create several risks, namely loss, damage, and file buildup. Therefore, an administrative service system is built that can provide services to residents and can store community data using a database. This system is built using PHP programming language which is a web programming language that is easy to understand and has many references, and uses an open-source framework, namely Codeigniter. In this system the applicant can input the data and conditions of making the desired letter and the data sent to the urban village for processing, after completion the applicant will receive a notification in the form of an email from the urban village. Based on the results of the questionnaire, the answer stating that this system could help the community to request letters in Sungai Pakning Urban Village was 78,57%. Besides, based on the result of stress testing the website can accommodate 100 clients at a time. The output of this system is being able to submit, receive, manage letters, and send notifications by email.