Felin Baby Shop,Metode Winter,Me Sistem Informasi Pengendalian Persediaan Pada Toko Bayi Berbasis Web (Studi Kasus: Felin Baby Shop)


  • Chintya Angrainy Politeknik Caltex


Felin Baby Shop is a company engaged in trading that places great importance on supplies.Based on the results of the interviews conducted, information was obtained that there were several obstacles in the process of managing inventory, purchasing planning and recording transactions. Therefore, an inventory control information system was built at the Felin Baby Shop store. In this system, forecasting with the winter's method is used.The forecasting method is chosen based on the data pattern and produces the Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD) value with the smallest error level that has been compared with Minitab software. In the process of planning the purchase of goods carried out with the calculation of Economic Order Quantity (EOQ). To determine when the order is made, the Reorder Point (ROP) calculation is used. To minimize the occurrence of stockouts, a Safety Stock (SS) is calculated. The results of this system can predict sales figures, view purchase planning information, record sales and purchase transactions from suppliers and can view sales and purchase charts. This system is tested using black box testing and user acceptance test (UAT). Based on the blackbox test and user acceptance test (UAT), the results show that the system is running well and the system can convey information clearly and can be accepted by users.


2021-05-04 — Updated on 2021-05-04