Pharmacy, Drug Sales Correlation Rancang Bangun Data Mining Untuk Menentukan Korelasi Penjualan Obat Dengan Menggunakan Perbandingan Algoritma Apriori dan Fp-Growth (Studi Kasus: Apotek Andalan Jaya)


  • Cahyo Riendra Pratomo Politeknik Caltex


Apotek Andalan Jaya is one of the pharmacies located on Jalan Sembilang No.116, Rumbai, Pekanbaru City. Pharmacy is a product and service service that is interconnected with the community. There are several difficulties in determining sales patterns that are useful for increasing the business value of a reliable pharmacy transaction, so a study is conducted that can determine the correlation of drug sales. This study will build a data mining application using a comparison of the Apriori Algorithm and FP-Growth. The results of this study are sales patterns, where this sales pattern can later assist the pharmacy in making sales transactions. This system is built using PHP as a programming language and MySQL as a database. This system is tested using black box tenting testing, user acceptance test (UAT) and lift ratio so that users can find out what improvements they want. Based on the user acceptance test (UAT) test that has been carried out, it shows that 90% of the system that has been built has been accepted by the user. In the lift ratio test, it shows the strength level of the rule from the antecedent and consequence based on support to provide information about improvements and increasing the probability of the consequent based on the antecedent.