Sebuah Sistem Penentuan Kelayakan Penerimaan Nasabah Kreasi dengan Metode Multi Atribute Utility Theory (Studi Kasus PT Pegadaian)


  • Sonia Anggie Widiasih Politeknik Caltex Riau


KREASI is a loan provided by PT Pegadaian which is credit in nature with the BPKB as collateral. The process of determining the eligibility of a creative customer is carried out by verifying documents, business analysis, vehicle guarantees and completeness of data. This process only looks at the completeness of the data and ensures that the proposed business is truly a self-owned business that has been running for at least 1 year without considering criteria such as the number of dependents and monthly income. On the other hand, because of the large number of prospective customer documents that must be analyzed, the micro team is less careful in analyzing prospective customer data, resulting in errors in decision making. As a result, it can also cause losses to PT.Pegadaian such as bad credit or bad debt. Therefore, a system for determining the eligibility of KREASI's customer acceptance was built. The method used is the Multi-Attribute Utility Theory (MAUT). The criteria used in the appraisal are basic salary, total coverage, length of installments and vehicle estimates. After testing the blackbox, it can be concluded that the system can work as expected. Based on the UAT test, it is concluded that all features of the system have been implemented and received well. The results of the white box test showed that the system program code was running as expected. And based on the results of the Likert scale test, the index value is 88.5%, which means the system is very feasible for acceptance of KREASI customers.