Masjid, sistem laporan keuangan, Rancang Bangun Sistem Informasi laporan Keuangan Masjid Paripurna Baitul Muktamar Dengan Metode End User Development (EUD)


  • Novrizal Afriyandi Politeknik Caltex Riau


Baitul muktamar is the paripurna mosque at umban sari road, rumbai, the city of new pekan. Do not currently have a system to facilitate transactions and reporting, and conventional data processing makes the mosque's administrator a challenge for processing data. Therefore, there is a need for a website based financial information system for facilitating the process of financial transactions and reporting. In this research the system developed by end user development methods that could adjust the flow of mosque finance. It can be customized by organizers ranging from systemic users, so that organizers can add to the user and provide access to system users. Managers can manage transactions according to the needs through the services provided by the system. With this system it can be customized to some desired views both the whole system view and the transaction table view. It fit the dynamic financial flow of a mosque. From the development of those systems and the testing being done, that the system has been running as expected. With this system the process of financial transactions made easy, systems were not too difficult to understand, and stewards could use them flexible and thus follow the development of the existing financial flow.