Keywords: Android, Automotive Se Rancang Bangun Sistem Layanan Jasa Otomotif


  • Nurma Haryani Politeknik Caltex Riau


Based on a survey conducted on 35 private vehicle users, it’s known that many problems occur suddenly in their vehicles while traveling, such tire leaks, engine failure and running out of fuel. So motorists have to look for automotive service places such as repair shops and fuel stalls. However, they don’t know the automotive service establishment and find difficult to find one. Another problem is the difficulty in dividing the time for drivers to wash their vehicles, because they have find the doorsmeer and bring their vehicles to the doorsmeer places and wait for the washing process. Therefore, research was conducted, namely the development of automotive service system using Location Based Service (LBS) technology to find the location of the automotive service business from the location of the driver. To make it easier to order automotive services, system was created that could order repair shop services, doorsmeer and purchase fuel with an Android smartphone. Where the officer will be sent to the location of the driver. Based on usability testing with 5 indicators, the efficiency indicator has a greater percentage of 90%, which indicates that the system can help motorists find automotive service locations and make ordering automotive services easier.