Sumatera Career Center, scrum Rancang Bangun Sistem Manajemen Sumatera Career Center Bagian Pelamar dan Pengunjung Menggunakan Metodologi Scrum


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With many alumni from Polythecnic caltex riau and collaborations with local and international company, it is necessary to has a system to help maintaining and facilitating the job vacancy. Polythecnic caltex riau has their own system which is called Sumatra career system (scs). This program will be the base for the alumni to gain information of job vacancy. The management of Sumatera Career Center will renew the scc website regarding it has many error features. Base of the issue, it necessary to build the new scc system. Framework of codelgniter and mysql will be use to build the base of the websiteb. This website will use the methodology scrum. Finally result, this system will have user friendly interface, easy to use, and this website will be implemented as the legal sumatera career center. Based on the result of the black box tesing, the results show that each function on each page is in accordance with the expected result. This system also is tested by usability testing so that it can find improvements desired by the user.