Design a 3D Archery Game Using Kinect Motion Sensor


  • Qintan Thiyana Rahmi Mahasiswa


Archery is a sport recommended in Islam and Sunnah by the Prophet Muhammad Shallahu’alaihi Wasallam. Based on the questionnaire results of 15 children stated that knowing the sport of archery, but never tried the sport. While archery is a sport recommended in Islam. Therefore, it has been designed a 3d archery game using kinect motion sensors. The game requires basic movement in archery, such as pulling and removing arrows as its controller input in order to interact with the Kinect. In tests conducted using Black Box Testing, the game can respond to movements made, but when performing gestures to shift the camera, the Kinect is slow to respond to such movements. This is influenced by kinect sensors that are less accurate at reading movements. Then, in the User Acceptance Test, by disseminating questionnaires to archery experts and children get excellent results of 3d archery games as an alternative medium of children in getting to know archery sports.