Aplikasi Pencari Tempat Ibadah Terdekat Berbasis Mobile Application dengan Menerapkan Framework React Native


  • Fedrian Indra Sasri Mahasiswa


          A place of worship is an important means of carrying out worship for religious people. One of the problems faced in the journey to a place of worship is the search for the fastest and right path for road users who do not know which route and road to take to arrive at a place of worship. Therefore, a mobile application-based search for places of worship was developed. The algorithm used in the routing is Floyd-Warshall, and the making of the application uses the React Native framework which can run hybrid. From the results of black box testing on systems that follow the ISO 9126-2 standard, the result is that each metric produces a number and an average of 1 which means the system functions in accordance with the needs and expectations. In usability testing, an average of more than 80% was obtained for each criterion, which means that the user agrees with the satisfaction of using the system. Then, in testing manual and system calculations, the accuracy is 100%, which means that the algorithm has been successfully applied to the system. Keywords: Places of Worship, Routes, Floyd-Warshall, React Native