Implementation of Screenplay in the Making of 3D Animated Short Film Folklore The Origin of Sialang Rindang


  • Pandu Tri Satria Politeknik Caltex Riau


Folklore is a story that originates from the community and developed in the community in the past which is a hallmark in every nation that has a diverse cultural culture that includes the cultural and historical richness of each nation. Folklore in Indonesia has a variety of interesting stories, one of which originates from Sialang Rindang village, Tambusai sub-district, Rokan Hulu district is the origin of Sialang Rindang. Based on the results of a survey of the general community of the village, it was found that most of the people did not know about the story. Therefore, to reintroduce the story of the People's Origins of Shing God to the public is through 3D animated film media. Making animated films through 3 stages, namely pre-production, production and post-production. Pre-production is the stage of developing ideas and planning before the production process. The pre-production process aims to make each production more directed and in accordance with the storyline. One of the pre-production stages is making screenplay or commonly called a story scenario, later the entire film production process involves screenplay in it. Screenplay is a story scenario written by screenwriter in detail which contains the sequence of scenes, location, time and so on. Screenplay helps illustrators more easily visualize the text of a story into a storyboard, make a clearly planned film production planning, and unite the minds of the crew in their respective roles. With the application of screenplay techniques, the storyline will be clearly directed and it is hoped that the story's message can be conveyed to the public well