• muhammad Zulfadli mahasiswa


In 2015 Yanki Pranata has developed a digital library prototype. This prototype has a feature to read the collection online, but it was not implemented due to several shortcomings such as the display system that has not used the UX approach and an error occurred when displaying the journal. Therefore, in this study, the development of the digital library prototype was carried out using the UX approach and refining existing features. This study uses the NodeJs programming language and MySQL database for prototype development, as well as personas as a tool to study user desires and UEQ to conduct UX assessments on digital library systems. The UEQ assessment was carried out on 30 respondens. The results of the increase in Attractiveness 16.02, Perpicuity 2.37, Efficiency 33.77, Dependability 5.27, Stimulation 7.37, Novelty 17.64, from a comparison of prototypes using UX and prototypes that do not use UX. This shows that the UX approach is successful. This success is felt by the ease of using the system and understanding how to use the system