Implementation of Foley Effect and Depth of Field Techniques on the 3D Animated Folklore Film Legenda Ikan Patin


  • Artika Sany Nasution Politeknik Caltex Riau


Folklore is a story that is basically conveyed by one person to another through oral narrative. In Riau province there is a folk tale of Legenda Ikan Patin. Based on the results of the questionnaire, many people do not know the Legenda Ikan Patin. Thus, in this study the folklore Legenda Ikan Patin is presented in the form of a 3D animated film and applies the Foley Effect technique and the Depth of Field in it. For the application of the Foley Effect, 14 Replacing Reality and 10 Supporting Reality have been applied to produce a film that looks realistic and natural. Meanwhile, for the application of Depth of Field, as many as 15 DoF Lebar and 18 DoF Sempit have been applied in order to increase the sharpness of the object that is highlighted so that the delivery of the storyline is maximized. Based on the results of testing and analysis, the results show that the Foley Effect technique and the Depth of Field technique have been successfully applied. Based on the results of the questionnaire given to a number of  people, they strongly agree that animated films seem realistic and natural, the storyline is easy to understand, and the appearance is in accordance with 3D animated films. In addition, the 3- dimensional animated film Legenda Ikan Patin folklore deserves to be shown to the public and is able to increase knowledge, and can be an alternative in reintroducing Legenda Ikan Patin folklore to the public. Keywords: Animasi, 3D, Foley Effect, Depth of Field, Legenda Ikan Patin