Design of Interactive M-Learning Hybrid Model for Mathematics Learning in High School Level Geometry and Trigonometry Materials (Case Study: SMAS IT Mutiara Duri)


  • Rahma wati Politeknik Caltex Riau


M-learning is a media for learning that uses software to run it. With the existence of mobile learning, the teaching and learning process will be more effective in the field of education, one of which is mathematics. Mathematics is a science that has an important role because its implementation can be found in all fields. Based on BNSP data that the results of the 2019 National Examination in SMA, the lowest subject is mathematics, especially on Geometry and Trigonometry material. For this reason, this final project is made by implementing an interactive multimedia concept with a hybrid model, which is a combination of drill and practice model and tutorial model. Based on the blackbox testing that has been done, all features and functionality of the Android application that was built have been running well. Based on the usability testing, an average score of 72.5% was obtained where the value was in the acceptable category range. This shows that the learning application that is built can be an alternative media for studying mathematics.