Visualization of the Distribution of Islamic Civilization in Riau Using Simile Timeline


  • Divi Indah Andari Politeknik Caltex Riau


Islamic civilization developed in various provinces in Indonesia, including in Riau. Information about the history of Islam is generally carried out by utilizing books and information systems that present textual data taken from databases, to enrich the Information System, visual presentation of web-based information by displaying location and timeline can be used as an interface to display the distribution of Islamic civilization in Riau. To meet the visualization needs, a simile timeline is used to see the traces of the existence of Islam in Riau. Visualization is done in the form of a website by displaying visualization data in the form of a timeline widget and a map. The results of this system 91% of users agree that the website built has been running well and can provide information on the history of Islamic civilization in Riau in a web-based visual form to the public.   Keywords: Visualization, Distribution, Islam, Simile Timeline, database.