Pengembangan Business Intelligence Dashboard Puskesmas Pakan Kamis


  • Ahmad Fauzi PCR


Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat (Puskemas) it was a medical services that been shaded by public health office, Puskesmas also has been the first option for middle class Indonesian people it is because of it the cost of the Puskesmas services not high as the Hospital cost services. Puskesmas Pakan Kamis is One of the many that doing the health services activity. The services of Puskesmas Pakan Kamis is based on a subject called Patient. This patient data needs to be manage properly to produce information that can be used as a sign of puskesmas services, reporting sources, as well as supporting decision making. Puskesmas Pakan Kamis has managed patient data using Microsoft Excel in the form of a spreadsheet. However, Puskesmas Pakan Kamis had difficulty in knowing the pattern of disease spread, patient growing patterns, and patterns of medication use. One of the efforts to dealing with this case is by using web-based business intelligence which also using a database to record patient data and by applying the four-step method Kimball will support importan points that are useful for the health center. The dashboard was designed by using PHP programming language and MySQL as the DBMS. The results of the Black Box test conducted show that all features of the system have been implemented and are following the expected results. With the existence of business intelligence, it is hoped that the management can be assisted in dealing with problems related to recording reports, storing patient data, and making decisions in ordering medicines when the disease spread season comes. Keywords: Puskesmas, Medicine Correlation, Website, Apriori, PHP, MySQL