Rancang Bangun Miniatur Smart Home dengan Media Controller Raspberry Pi dan OpenHAB


  • M. Faiz Pratama Mulia Politeknik Caltex Riau
  • Rahmat Suhatman


IoT application can be done at home. In today's sophisticated era, the term smarthome is no longer being heard. Smarthome can make it easier for residents to open up the situation and provide security and comfort to the residents of the house. Lights are very much needed by the community so that they often neglect to read the lights. Likewise with televisions and fans. The television and fan are passed by forgetting to turn them off when the user leaves the room or leaves the house. Likewise with the front door of the house. Often users forget whether the door of the house has been said or not. The existence of a fire in the house is also an important thing to be aware of. From these problems, a system is created that can check the condition of the house which can provide the latest information that is happening at home in real time. From the results of testing the blackbox on the system, the system functions are in accordance with the needs. In examiner's performance by calculating the delay time for each device given the command, the average delay time was 0.532 seconds. The results obtained after the development of this smarthome are that the smarthome can help system users and control home conditions from anywhere as long as the user is connected to the internet network and can apply electricity in realtime.