Perpustakaan, Dashboatd System P Perancangan dan Implementasi Dashboard Sistem Informasi UPT.Badan Perpustakaan Umum Siak Kecil Kabupaten Bengkalis Menggunakan Metodologi Prototyping


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Public libraries are places that collect collections of books, printed materials and other records for the benefit of the general public. Public libraries can also be interpreted as various educational institutions for the general public by providing various kinds of scientific information, on the management of library book data, both those that are often borrowed and those that cannot be returned and the types of books in the library or recording book borrowing transactions such as book records still use the traditional way, this is one of the channels that is exceeded to meet and monitor the reading interest of visitors in Siak Kecil sub-district. On this basis, a Library System Dashboard will be developed using the Proptotyping methodology. This system is built using PHP (Hypertext Processor) as programming language and MySQL as database. Once done, blackbox testing can show that the system is running as expected. Based on the user acceptance test (UAT) that has been carried out, it shows that 94% of the systems built are well accepted and can be the head of the library in managing data and helping decision making.