Decision Support System for Student Selection Using Achievement Web-Based Simple Additive Weigthing Method (Case Study: Polytechnic Caltex Riau)


  • Rani Amelia Mahasiswa


The Polytechnic Caltex Riau (PCR) is one of the private Polytechnics in Indonesia, especially Riau. PCR has participated in several Kemenristekdikti programs in improving the quality of its education, one of which is the Selection of Outstanding Students (Pilmapres). However, in its participation, PCR experienced several internal problems, ranging from selection at the study program level, majors, to internal student affairs. To overcome this problem the use of a decision support system (SPK) can assist the Pilmapres selection process at PCR. This final project presents a Decision Support System (DSS) designed with the Simple Additive Weighing (SAW) method. The SAW method uses a normalization matrix based on defined criteria to find the final value in the ranking process. This system is built using the Hypertex Processor (PHP) as the programming language and MySQL as the database. Testing was conducted on the system, the results of functional tests using the User Acceptance Test (UAT) which consists of 14 test items, have been approved by the client. The usability test that was tested on students found that this system is very agreeable to build and can be well received with a percentage level of 87,27%. Then from the whitebox test according to the results of the test case tests carried out that all test cases were carried out that all test cases in the SAW algorithm were running according to the expected results. In addition, based on testing the accuracy of system calculations and manual calculations, it can be concluded that the calculation of the system built is the same as manual calculations with an accuracy of 100%.   Keywords: Simple Additive Weigthing (SAW), PHP, MYSQL.