Klasifikasi Penyakit Kanker Serviks Menggunakan Perbandingan Algoritma K-Nearest Neighbor dan Naïve Bayes


  • Yosie Fridolin Sibagariang Politeknik Caltex Riau


Cervical cancer is cancer that grows on the cells in the cervix. Generally, cervical cancer shows no symptoms at an early stage. According to the Indonesian Doctors Association there are 600-750 women of reproductive age who die every month due to cervical cancer. One of the causes of cervical cancer is acute female smoking, sexual history and a lack of public knowledge of the symptoms of cervical cancer. To do an early check, an examination is carried out at the Puskesmas or Health Service Center first. This study uses the k-NN and Naive Bayes algorithms which will be compared first. Comparisons are made to get the best method of cervical cancer classification that will be used in the system. Therefore, this study will design a system that can diagnose cervical cancer patients using the best algorithm, based on general symptoms, more quickly and accurately in determining the prediction results.     Keywords: Classification, Cervical Cancer, K-Nearest Neighbor, Naïve Bayes.