The Luxury Barbershop, RAD, UAT, Information System Design at The Luxury Barbershop


  • Rio Arvindo Politeknik Caltex Riau


The Luxury Barbershop is a barber shop that is quite famous in Pekanbaru City. The Luxury Barbershop also has many business partners who work together. The Luxury Barbershop already has a system, but the system still has limitations, namely the absence of sales and service features that are used to manage customer data. So that The Luxury Barbershop has not provided maximum service to customers and cannot map between new customers and loyal customers at The Luxury Babershop. Based on the existing problems, an information system was built that could be used to facilitate the management of sales and services at The Luxury Barbershop. So that to overcome this problem, an information system is needed that can manage sales and services at The Luxury Barbershop based on the website, the system is built using the Rapid Application Development (RAD) method by completing the 69-day system by doing 2 iterations. Based on the results of the Boundary Value Analysis test, it can be concluded that from 25/25 test scenarios, all input forms are in accordance with the system format, for the UserAcceptance Test, 100% satisfaction test results are obtained, the system is in accordance with user needs and is accepted as a whole, for usability test results. testing results obtained from the user satisfaction test of 83.43% stating that the overall information displayed is as expected.