Butik Nauli, Reorder Point (ROP) Rancang Bangun Sistem Informasi Pengendalian Inventory Berbasis Website (Studi Kasus : Butik Nauli)


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Nauli boutique is located in Pekanbaru city. In this boutique there are problems that often occur, namely, the supply of goods. In managing inventory, losses often occur due to excess or lack of goods. This causes the stock of goods to not be counted clearly because they do not have records of sales and inventory data. When you want to order goods from a supplier, the boutique owner only uses his estimates. To solve this problem, an inventory system was created using the Reorder Point (ROP) method. The Reorder Point (ROP) method is used to determine the limit of stock items in the boutique. This system also uses the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) method, which functions to determine the minimum number of items that must be filled again. To find out the feasibility of this system, black box testing and User Accepted Testing were carried out. Based on the results of black box testing, it can be concluded that the features provided by the inventory system that has been built can run well and as desired. For the results of the User Accepted Testing test, the results show that the system is running according to its function. Based on the User Accepted Testing test, the results show that the system that has been built is very helpful for users in controlling inventory and managing transactions in the boutique, this is evidenced by the results of Likert scale calculations. The conclusion from the tests that have been carried out is that all the features contained in the system are as expected and can be accepted and implemented properly.