Penerapan Algoritma Tactical Pathfinding Pada Virtual 2D Ikan Dalam Akuarium


  • faisal siregar politeknik caltex riau


Abstract The Tactical Pathfinding algorithm is an algorithm used to find the shortest route from one location to another by considering obstacles or threats in the route search process. Fish are the main characters in this research. Fish are members of poikilothermic (cold-blooded) that live in water and breathe with their gills. Ornamental fish is a type of fish that both live in fresh water and in the sea which is maintained not for consumption but to beautify the living room by using an aquarium. An aquarium is a place for fish, aquatic plants and other aquatic organisms that have at least one transparent side to be seen. The research conducted is to build virtual 2D using the Tactical Pathfinding algorithm which can determine the shortest route from a position to the intended position. This virtual can provide information on the path without obstacles in the roaming of the fish for food in the aquarium, thus avoiding obstacles in the aquarium. Based on the results of comparisons in the application with manual calculations to existing formulas, it is obtained that the test is 100% accurate. The fastest path in the application is the same as manual computation and route comparison testing based on logic with the algorithm, getting the path based on the algorithm is more optimal than the path based on logic.