Application of Automatic Silent Mode on Android Based on Location Based Service and Implementation of Api Bot Prayer Times (Case Study of Mosques in Pekanbaru City)


  • Nanda Fathurrizki Politeknik Caltex Riau


The development of smartphone features at this time is very rapid, features that can help users in activities, one of which is location services and audio profiles. This is because the audio profile settings are still done manually. Another problem is that users are late to come to the mosque because they are not ready after finishing work. So an android application was developed to activate automatic silent while in the mosque. With this application users can change the smartphone audio profile automatically based on: Location Based Service (LBS) which is a location-based service. And this application also uses the Fatima Application Programming Interface (API) service to get prayer schedule information, besides that users can also find out information about the recitation held by the mosque manager and users are also provided with a collection of prayers as a reading medium. This application was developed as a solution to help users perform worship activities, so that users do not have to manually activate silent mode and get to the mosque on time. This application can answer with the results of the responses from the 44 respondents. It is very agreeable that this system is very easy and can run well.   Keywords: Android, Location Based Service (LBS), Application Programming Interface (API).