Implementasi Dashboard Business Intelligence Untuk Efisiensi Produksi Menggunakan Metode Simple Moving Average Pada Martabak Djoeragan


  • T . Baihaki Politeknik Caltex Riau


culinary business. In its operation in business, management has used information technology such as the use of the point of sales (POS) system. To analyze data that cannot be done through a POS system, management uses Microsoft Excel as an alternative. However, there are problems that have not been effectively resolved, namely related to monitoring the use of raw materials in martabak production. Often times there is a difference between the actual figures in the field and the numbers in the system. The difference in numbers is quite influential on the target management wants to achieve. This study aims to analyze raw material data, sales data, and production data using the Business Intelligence (BI) method. BI itself is a set of techniques and tools for transforming raw data into useful and meaningful information for business purposes. In its implementation, with the help of the BI method, management can get reports related to production efficiency based on the use of raw materials and costs that have been used in production. In addition to the BI analysis, this study also applies a forecasting method to predict the future use of raw materials using the simple moving average method by looking at data movements over the last three months. So that this research has helped management in making operational and strategic business decisions. Keywords: Point of Sales, monitoring, Business Intelligence, Simple Moving Average