Aplikasi Animasi Tata Cara Shalat berbasis Augmented Reality


  • Fajar Putra Hamdani Politeknik Caltex Riau


Prayer is one of the obligatory acts of worship for Muslims and is a means of communication between a servant and His Lord. Therefore everyone is taught about formal prayer procedures at school, namely by providing simple and easy-to-understand material that aims so that children have no difficulty understanding them. Over time, Augmented Reality has grown very rapidly in various sectors ranging from social media, health, and including education. So that it allows the development of children's learning methods to a more modern stage that is able to make children learn how to pray in a fun way. Based on these problems, an application for prayer procedures was built which made it easier for students to learn prayer procedures by implementing Augmented Reality. Two tests were carried out on the system, namely black box testing and testing of respondents in the form of a survey. From the distribution of the survey to the respondents, the students stated that 87.5% of the applications were useful, easy to learn and fun.