Making 3D Animation Film Si Molek


  • Raldy Farezky Politeknik Caltex Riau


Animated films are films that are made by utilizing images (drawings) and other inanimate objects, such as dolls, tables and chairs that can be brought to life with animation techniques. The idea of ​​animation is the process of recording and playing back a series of static images to get the illusion of motion. Animation technology itself has spread to the creation of regional stories / folk tales which were originally only told orally / in writing. Folklore is a story that is basically conveyed by one person to another through oral narrative. Folklore, if it is inherited or implanted in students from an early age, will equip motor and psimotor development, especially in building the character of students from an early age with superior personalities. The cultivation of ethics is intended to shape a person's character which leads to positive things. Almost every region in Indonesia has its own folklore. One of the folk tales from Riau province is the folklore of Si Molek. The story of Si Molek can only be found through printed media such as picture books or told orally. The folktale of Si Molek is a folk tale originating from Riau. Based on the survey that was conducted, the results of the questionnaire conducted on (150) students showed that 83.3 percent did not know the folklore of Si Molek, and 89.3 percent did not know the characters in the Riau Si Molek folklore. and there are 96.7 percent like animation Keywords: Animated Movies, Folklore, Technology