Design E-commerce System Using Extreme Programming Methodology (Case Study: Sanjai Yolanda Crackers)


  • ari widya kusuma Politeknik Caltex Riau


The Sanjai Yolanda cracker shop is a sanjai cracker shop in the Pasar Bawah, Pekanbaru. Based on the interview results, this store does not have an online store, either on social media or on the marketplace. So that the buying process can only be done directly at the store. In addition, there are many buyers who come from outside the region because based on the results of the survey the bottom market is a shopping tour in Pekanbaru. Buyers who come from outside the region have to travel long distances and buyers who are not from outside the region also do not have time to come to the shop all the time. This has led many buyers to ask whether it is possible to place orders online. After conducting a survey, it was found that the customers of the Kerupuk Sanjai Yolanda shop expected an e-commerce system. To solve this problem, a B2C e-commerce system was built for the Sanjai Yolanda cracker shop using the Extreme Programming methodology. Based on the results of black box testing, it was found that the functionality of the system was going well. Then, for usability testing with the SUS method, the results were 82.41 and for questionnaire testing the results were 85.32%. Based on these two tests and based on the results of the implementation, it can be concluded that the system built is acceptable so that it helps sellers and buyers in buying and selling transactions and helps sellers to reach customers who come from outside the region.