Sistem Manajemen Data di Kelurahan Menggunakan Metode Incremental (Studi Kasus: Kelurahan Limbungan Baru)


  • Raja Putri Monica Politeknik Caltex Riau


The use of technology in the governance affairs of a government has a very important role so that matters relating to data need to be managed properly using appropriate technology in order to produce more accurate information. In an era like this, many government and pr4ate institutions have used technology to help their daily work. This study aims to assist data management and provide better service at the kelurahan Limbungan Baru’s office by using the Incremental method. In this study, the data managed were population data of kelurahan Limbungan Baru, data on human resource potential based on age, religion, education, l4elihood, citizenship, ethnicity, mental disabilities, physical disabilities, and the quality of the workforce. This data can be displayed in graphical form so that users can see the comparison of the data. This research also provides features for making a certificate, including certificates of birth, death, moving, arr4al, and application for making ID cards. The user can print the certificate when it's finished and confirm the resident concerned via SMS. The use of the Incremental method can help in this research because the method has stages that are carried out in parallel. Users can immediately test the results of the first specification without having to wait for all stages to be completed, so the risk of project failure is lower. This study uses the Blackbox testing method to test its functionality, the results of this test as a whole the features can work well. In testing the level of convenience, this study uses the System Usability Scale (SUS) method and gets a score of 80.5, which is included in the excellent category of 5 respondents, which means that the results of this study are acceptable or worthy of usability.