the plasma cutting Rancang Bangun Mesin Potong Plat Menggunakan Plasma Cutting

plasma cutting


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Metal cutting technology in Indonesia is increasingly developing with various cutting methods, one type of cutting used in industry is metal cutting using plasma cutting. In the Mechanical Workshop of the Caltex Riau Polytechnic the metal cutting process has used plasma cutting, as for the maximum air pressure required for the metal cutting process in the design of a plate cutting machine using a maximum 6 Bar plasma cutting, and a maximum current variation of 60A-90A with a plate thickness of ≤ 5mm which will be cut. The compressor is needed to design a plate cut machine with a maximum air pressure capacity of 12 Bar with a power of 7.5 KW on a 3-phase motor as a driving force. The plate cutting plan uses a plate cutting machine design using plasma cutting driven using an electric motor with a torque planning of 0.92Nm as a driving source, and the resulting movement is in the same direction as the horizontal axis (back and forth). From the results of the machine design, it can produce cuts at plate thickness of 1mm, 2mm and 3mm with a maximum current of 70A, and a maximum wind pressure of 4 bar at a distance of 1mm from the torch to the iron plate with a maximum motor movement of 10rpm on horizontal cutting, while at 4mm and 4mm plate thickness. 5mm with a maximum current of 90A, and a wind pressure of 6 bar at the torch to plate distance is 1mm, with a motor movement of 5 rpm on horizontal cutting. The purpose of this tool design is to make a machine to assist plasma cutting which produces horizontal cuts on a plasma cutting machine with a more stable cutting movement. after testing at the time of cutting the iron plate. For the most effective results using a speed of 5 rpm, a wind pressure of 6 bar, a tilt angle of 90o, a current of 90A, and a distance of the torch on the plate 1 mm.