Monitoring dan Audit Kebutuhan Jaringan OPD Provinsi Riau Menggunakan Mikrotik Traffic Flow dan NTOP


  • Algi Fahri P


Monitoring jaringan, Organisasi Perangkat Daerah (OPD), bandwidth, Mikrotik Traffic Flow, Ntop.


Regional Apparatus or Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD) is an organization or institution in the Regional Government that is accountable to the Regional Head in the framework of administering governance in the region. Regional apparatuses are formed by each region based on considerations of regional characteristics, potentials and needs. Currently there are 48 OPDs that support the implementation of the Riau provincial government. Of the 48 OPDs, the network infrastructure was felt to be insufficient, particularly in relation to bandwidth and internet needs. In implementing e-government, each of these OPDs makes a budget and provides its own internet network facilities without clearly knowing the actual needs needed. From the above problems, it is necessary to monitor and audit the needs of computer networks that operate in all OPDs in Riau province. To carry out monitoring network and network auditing requires Mikrotik Traffic Flow and Ntop devices asmedia monitoring network traffic throughout the OPD of Riau Province. With this final project, it is hoped that the actual internet needs needed by each OPD can be identified so that it can be analyzed to be used as a basis for determining bandwidth the optimal. From the results of monitoring and audits conducted, it was found that the bandwidth requirements for all OPDs of Riau Province were 1,508.17 Mb. Data requirement bandwidth that cannot be monitored is 3,309.00 Mb. So the total requirements bandwidth when combined with the most OPD that has no monitoring of 4,817.17 Mb.


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