Website-Based Employee Payroll System (Case Study: Berkah Sejahtera Sepuluh Bangsaku Foundation)


  • Abi Mahruf Abi Mahruf Politeknik Caltex Riau


Keywords: payroll system, employess, Berkah Sejahtera Sepuluh Bangsaku Foundation


The Berkah Sejahtera Sepuluh Bangsaku Foundation is a foundation engaged in education. This foundation has 2 (two) Islamic-based education, namely TKIT and SDIT Insan Teladan. To carry out education at the foundation, there must be cooperation between the foundation and educators and other employees so that the vision and mission of the foundation is achieved. The problems faced by the foundation are internal and external, one of the internal problems is the recording of employee salaries which is still done manually and assisted by Microsoft excel, making salary calculations often error and ineffective. If this problem is allowed to continue, it will cause injustice and harm to the employees. Therefore, a website-based employee payroll system was created regarding these problems. After testing the UAT, it was found that the system that was built has been fulfilled and accepted as a whole and is running well. Based on application testing, good results were obtained regarding the ease of using the system, easy to learn, satisfying and useful for users.