Virtual Traditional Weapons Museum Using 3D Virtual Reality


  • Dimas Tri Andono Politeknik Caltex Riau


Android, Virtual Reality, 3D Simulation, Museum of Indonesian Traditional Weapons.


Indonesia is a country that has various types of cultural diversity and customs. The amount of information about this culture makes some regions in Indonesia monotonous in providing information on their own local customs and culture. Lack of available information facilities, the media is still monotonous and less attractive so that people tend to get bored. Judging from current technological developments, this information can be made more interesting and attractive in order to attract people's interest in getting to know traditional weapons. One of the technologies used is virtual reality. This study develops a 3D simulation application by modeling traditional Indonesian weapons that can be seen from different perspectives and provides information about the models and forms of traditional weapons in Indonesia. In this simulation, the user can move the character using a bluetooth gamepad control, and can see a 360° perspective using virtual reality VR Box can be added as a screen to display the simulation results. The results of the research survey show that this application can be accepted or received a positive response from users. With a percentage of the value of the perception measurement results obtained by some respondents, the range is from 85.6% to 89.6%, which value interprets a good response. With this value, this application shows the shape and information of Indonesian culture, especially on traditional weapons in three-dimensional form and as an alternative media promotion in introducing Indonesian culture, especially on traditional weapons using Virtual Reality technology.


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