Rancang Bangun Sistem Informasi Manajemen (Studi Kasus : American Giant Mattress Pekanbaru)


  • Vivian Dewi Politeknik Caltex Riau


American Giant Mattress (AGM) Pekanbaru is one of the businesses that provides mattresses and other bedroom equipment. In managing and recording, employees use books to record transactions which are relatively simple. The results of interviews with store employees, financial records are still made manually and in finding the required transaction history data, the admin needs to look back on the archived financial statements. The solution to the existing problems is to build a management information system that replaces the manual process. The system is designed to assist employees in handling routine transaction recordings which include stock, sales and purchases of goods. This application is based on Android and was built using PHP (Hypertext Processor) as a programming language and MySQL as a database. This application was tested using Black Box Testing which resulted that the system was successful in accordance with its function and also Usability Testing by giving a questionnaire to the user to ensure whether the system was in accordance with the wishes. Based on Usability Testing, a total of 90.3% was obtained, meaning that this management information system application has been accepted by admins, owners and employees of American Giant Mattress Pekanbaru. With this application, it is able to facilitate ways of working that were previously done manually can be done more computerized and efficient in decision making.


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